Marie's Projects and Publications...


Tales of Teenage Turbulence and Other Terrible Times is Marie's most recent publication. An anthology of short young adult fiction. The inspiration for this book was the notion that "everyone has those awkward moments that makes them cringe in hindsight".

Pictured: Tales of Teenage Turbulence and Other Terrible Times amongst an arrangement of stationary and music headphones.

Reincarnate: Following the disaster that has been their mother's wake, siblings Bea and Rowan struggle to understand their other "hippie" sister Freda, who is convinced that her new goldfish is their mother reincarnated...

A short film written and directed by Jess Budin, which Marie both produced and had a role in. Made for Tropfest 26. The Tropfest Signature Item for this year was “Rose”.


Marie was commissioned to write a book for little Oakley. Oakley was born with a club foot and needs to wear corrective boots for most of his formative years. “My Boots Are Made For Walking” is about accepting the differences we are born with, which make us special.
This photo was sent from Oakley’s parents, they read the book together every night. As you can see, Oakley loves his book.

Pictured: young Oakley with a book commissioned and written just for him!


Postcard Poetry is a collection of Marie's poems that were written whilst travelling. A number of these poems haven't been published online. The book also features photographs of the locations where each poem was written.

Pictured: a photograph of Postcard Poetry for a Christmas campaign.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.09.14 pm.png

Tigers Play Hide and Seek was originally written and illustrated by Marie when she was 14 years old. Twelve years later, she decided to rewrite and republish it to encourage more children to read.

Pictured: A production image of Tigers Play Hide and Seek

Pirating A Film IRL: A young woman discovers the risks of downloading a movie.

This short film was Marie Kelly’s entry for the inaugural UnScene Short Film competition in 2017. It was one of the top six finalists and also won first prize.


Pixel People is Marie's first publication. It's a collection of poems written by hand and by typewriter. Each individual poem was scanned and published in its original and raw state.

Pictured: Pixel People making itself at home amongst the shelves at Creative Write-it Fitzroy North. Image by Dylan Sanusi-Goh


Painted Memories was published alongside Pixel People as a twin set. It is a short story anthology that deals with memories and remembering.

Pictured: Painted Memories photographed for a Christmas campaign.